12 Simple Keto Hacks to make Keto more Healthier Keto Diet Sustainable

Aug 30, 2022 | Keto tips and Hacks | 0 comments

While there’s no need for extreme measures, you may find that many of the keto hacks can improve your success significantly. However, some of them may not be right for your body. It’s best to know what each one can offer you and what they may not. Don’t try them based on popular opinion. Instead, learn what works for you. Reach out to us for more information on Keto Diets. 

Steps for a Healthier Keto Diet – Keto Tips and Hacks 


1. Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Intermittent Fasting

Combining Intermittent fasting and Keto can effectively help you achieve your weight management goals. Fasting can improve gut health and make up for the effects of a higher-carb diet. Added bonus: regular exercise and a healthier keto diet improve insulin sensitivity and endurance. It can be difficult if you’re new to this, but with some practice, you’ll get the hang of it.  

2. Whole Food Swaps

Whole Food Swaps

While the keto diet is notoriously low in fat and carbohydrates, you can still make smart food swaps to have a healthier keto diet. Instead of corn starch in your morning cereal, opt for almond flour. You’ll be eating less fat and carbs with almond milk, which is also dairy-free. Those who are lactose intolerant can also opt for almond milk as an alternative to a healthier keto diet. For rice, switch to quinoa, a low-carb grain with a similar texture to the rice.  

3. Go for Keto-Friendly Snacks When Traveling 

Keto-Friendly Snacks

One of the biggest challenges of living a Ketogenic lifestyle is traveling, but there are some ways to eat healthy while on the go. You can pack healthy snacks to eat while traveling, such as nuts, seeds, and fruit, and maintain a healthier keto diet. However, avoid packaged foods containing sugar, starches, and carbs. Contact us for more keto tips and hacks for Keto Diet!  

4. Ordering Food at Restaurants

Food at Restaurants

If you’re planning dinner at a restaurant or attending a friend’s birthday party while on a Keto diet, try to order keto-friendly food. Some restaurants offer low-carb options, including steak salads, but avoiding breaded items and fries is the safest option. One of the most useful Keto hacks if you can’t order keto-friendly fast food is to order a chicken salad and grilled veggies. When ordering food at a fast-food restaurant, don’t order items with high sugar content, such as mustard or double cream.   

5. Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is a much healthier source of protein than conventional beef. Its micronutrient profile is extensive, and it contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid helps reduce body fat and increase muscle. Grass-fed beef is also rich in CLA, a beneficial fatty acid that has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity. It’s the best meat option if you want a healthier keto diet, as it has numerous health benefits. As with other meat products, it’s best to opt for grass-fed beef meat if possible.  

6. Keeping Avocados in Kitchen

Avocados in Kitchen

Including Avocados in your recipes can be a great way to maintain a healthier keto diet. One of the most popular fruits on the Keto diet, avocados are an essential part of many recipes and can be kept in the freezer to be used as a base for smoothies and other keto-friendly meals. Having avocados in your kitchen can be one of the most effective and simple hacks for Keto Diet.  

7. Having Lettuce Cups Ready

Lettuce Cups

Keeping lettuce cups on hand is essential if you’re on a Keto diet. It’s not advisable to buy bread on a Keto diet, and lettuce wraps are your go-to for sandwiches. They’re also excellent meal prep hacks for a healthier keto diet. You can fill lettuce cups with anything you like, including meat, beans, or vegetables. Even a simple lettuce wrap can be as fulfilling as a big sandwich. Start dressing up the lettuce wrap, just like you would prepare a sandwich, and you will enjoy your keto diet.  

8. Be Mindful of Calories You Consume

Calories Count

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight while still eating various foods. To stay on track with the diet, you should try to plan your meals and stick to the food you measure out. Avoid adding extra ingredients to your meals, as they will add more calories than you want. These keto tips and hacks will help you stick to your diet and lose weight easier. Reach out to us to know how a healthier keto diet can help you maintain weight in the long run.   

9. Home-Cooked Meals 

Home-Cooked Meals

A home-cooked meal is a perfect way to satisfy your sugar cravings on a keto diet. The best part about home-cooked meals is that you won’t have to spend much money on food. You can prepare a meal for yourself in a matter of minutes and enjoy it with your family. You can follow a healthier keto diet using organic ingredients to prepare your home meals. If you are looking for healthy keto diet recipes, the most helpful keto tips, and hacks, get in touch with Texas Keto Couple now!  

10. Never Underestimate Your Meal Plannings 

Meal Planning's

Using meal planning is one of the most useful Keto hacks you can practice to keep your diet on track and avoid cravings. If you’re used to carbs, you might find it challenging to stay away from them at first, so preparing them beforehand will help you stay on track. Not only will meal planning to help you stay away from unhealthy foods, but it will also help you understand the importance of calories. Using this information to make healthier keto diet choices will help you achieve your goals faster.  

11. Overcome The Weight Loss Plateaus 

Overcome The Weight Loss Plateaus

As with any dietary program, there will be times when you reach a plateau. Your body will naturally slow down when fat stores are depleted. If you’ve hit a plateau, it may be time to reassess your diet and lifestyle to see if there are any lifestyle factors that you’re overlooking. One of the valuable keto hacks is to track your carb intake. This will help you identify sneaky extra calories. This trick may require you to cut your carbs even more than when you first started your keto diet.  

12. Low-carb salads 

Low-carb salads

For a healthier keto diet, try eating more vegetables and fewer carbs. Prepare low-carb salads with green vegetables. You can use avocado or olive oil to top your salad to make it more delicious and edible. You should also avoid using too many high-carb ingredients in your salad. This diet reduces overall carbohydrate intake and promotes weight loss through ketosis. For more such keto tips and hacks, contact our Keto experts at Texas Keto Couple now!  

Key Takeaways  

Intermittent fasting and Keto, swapping whole foods, and meal plannings are essential in achieving your ketogenic goals. They help you keep the right balance between eating a healthier keto diet and staying within your budget. It will also help you avoid mindless eating out when you’re in a hurry. Once you get used to eating these foods, you’ll find it easy to stay on track with your keto diet. And once you’ve done this for a while, the keto diet will become a lifestyle. 

Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions on keto tips and for a healthier keto diet:

What is the best keto diet hack?

Swap out high-carb products for keto staples. This will help you maintain a healthier keto diet 

Can you have a cheat day on keto?

It’s advisable to avoid cheat days or cheat-meal if you are following a keto diet. While the keto diet may seem strict to you, its health benefits are unsurpassable.  

What is the easiest way to do keto?

Limit your carb intake, drink plenty of water, and follow your ketogenic diet as much as possible.  

Are keto diets actually healthy?

While Keto is not recommended for those with chronic conditions involving their pancreas, liver, or gallbladder, with professional guidance from Keto experts, anyone can follow a ketogenic diet for its maximum benefits.