The beginning:

Ian Prather, one of the founders, was diagnosed with morbid obesity and type-2 diabetes in 2011, and his lifestyle, particularly his diet and eating habits, could be held responsible for these results.

On the other hand, Betsy Prather, a working-class single mother and part-time aerobics instructor at the time, became very ill. She was misdiagnosed several times before being diagnosed with late disseminated Lyme disease.

Both had completely different problems, but they could both be resolved with the same solution: a shift to the Keto way of life. To be precise, they needed a Keto fitness coach.

Sugar is unquestionably counterproductive in treating type 2 diabetes and Lyme disease because the bacteria that cause Lyme disease feed on sugar, and removing or reducing it has a significant impact on the disease’s treatment. Betsy later developed breast cancer, which feeds on sugar as well. Fortunately, this eating method aided Ian and Betsy in their respective journeys.

Meal plans with low carbs, high healthy fats, and moderate protein make up the Keto way of eating, so much so that each meal’s sugar content and carbs are cut to 5% of daily intake under a Keto diet program.

Now, they have a Facebook platform where they provide advice as a Ketogenic coach on the Keto way of living and the benefits it brings to thousands of others going through the same thing.

How to join the TexasKetoCouple Facebook Community

It’s not difficult to become a member of our Keto diet program. Simply go to Facebook and search for the TexasKetoCouple group, then click the join group button. After that, you’ll be given a few instructions from our Keto health coach to follow before you join.

The community guidelines are as follows:


No posting of outside links


No link dropping.


No product promotion.


No posting food without a recipe.

Most importantly, maintain a respectful demeanor with the Keto fitness coach and other group members. You’re good to go if you can follow these guidelines!

TexasKetoCouple is a supportive community where a certified Ketogenic health coach will hold your hand and guide you on your journey to excellent health. Join our Keto diet program now to improve your life!