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Ian Prather

Once upon a time, in the year 2011, Ian was declared morbidly obese by his new corporate doctor. In fact, the first words he ever heard him speak were:

“Has anyone ever told you that you are morbidly obese?”

This doctor went on to declare Ian a type 2 diabetic due to fasting blood sugar readings, explaining that his liver enzymes were off the chart, indicating fatty liver and that his blood lipid readings were horrible!

Ian was instructed to bring back a written action plan from his personal doctor to address each of these issues.

He declared that if Ian did not turn things around that he probably was too unhealthy to perform his job. His livelihood was threatened. It was the only thing he knew how to do, for the past 20 years, since he was 21 years old.

Trying to figure out everything on his own…

Ian flailed around in the gym for a few months but eventually hired a Keto diet consultant. He began to change the way he ate and finally made the decision to do some actual research and become better educated about nutrition.

One of the biggest discoveries he made was Ketogenic lifestyle coaching. It provided an entirely new and different way of thinking about and understanding the overconsumption of sugar which had proved to be the root cause of Ian’s health issues.

Betsy Prather

Betsy Prather

Betsy was a single mom. Working, going to school, and teaching aerobics as a side job. An extremely healthy woman gets extremely sick.

Betsy began to get sick and stayed sick for three and a half years. She was misdiagnosed by multiple doctors. Diagnosed with depression among many other wrong diagnoses, Betsy finally found a doctor who understood Lyme disease and was tested and diagnosed with late disseminated Lyme disease.

Thankfully, she figured out that Ketogenic eating combats Lyme disease as the bacteria feed on sugar. As advised by her Keto diet consultant, the removal of sugar from her diet had an amazingly positive effect on her recovery.

As if that wasn’t enough….

Six years later, Betsy was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she started the second major health battle of her life. By divine grace, the medical professionals that guided her through the cancer recovery battle also recommended Ketogenic lifestyle coaching since cancer too feeds on sugar.

Two different major issues; the same nutrition

The one thing in common from both of these medical professionals was to stop putting sugar in her body. It had absolutely nothing to do with weight loss, but everything to do with recovery and fighting Lyme bacteria and breast cancer.

The discovery of exogenous ketones actually took Betsy’s recovery and health to the next level and is the reason why we educate others about Ketogenic lifestyle coaching.

Our Journey Together

Our Journey Together

We both found Ketogenic lifestyle coaching for different health reasons. Ultimately, better health and wellness are what we have achieved and maintained over many years, and we love sharing what we have learned with others.

We are not perfect. Mistakes and bad choices have been made, and we have learned some hard lessons. One thing we have never done is quit! We believe that the only way we feel like we will genuinely fail is if we give up.

We are interested in sharing something useful with the amazing group we have built, but only if it works. There are many slick marketing campaigns around with companies just trying to make a buck by slapping the word “Keto” on a product.

We are always open to learning the latest information. Continuing our personal self-improvement means we keep testing new things and products to find out if something actually works.”

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