TexasKeto Couple Blog

TexasKeto Couple Blog

Blogs are always an excellent way to learn more about a particular cause. And in our newly constructed blog, we’d like to share everything we know about the ketogenic way of eating with you. We are confident that you will find millions upon millions of blogs, but none will be as good as ours. You’re about to discover why.

Our story is empowering

Ian and Betsy Prather, our founders, both had issues that required them to change their lifestyles, particularly their way of eating. The ketogenic diet was a lifesaver for both of them.

Ian was diagnosed with obesity and type 2 diabetes in the same year in 2011. And Betsy found out she had Lyme disease and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years later. It’s devastating on both ends, but we all know that what we eat is a big part of who we are. So much so that when they both started incorporating keto ways of eating into their meal plans, they noticed a difference.

With a low sugar diet, Ian was able to get in shape, and Betsy was in a better position to fight cancer and Lyme disease. This was the start of it all, and it was for this reason that the TKC was formed. They want to assist millions of other people who want to go keto in order to live a healthier life.

What we will feature on our blog

Here is all the greatness we will share with you on our blog:

New and exciting studies on The Keto Way of Eating

There is a plethora of scientific evidence that continues to emerge on a daily basis proving that keto is the way to go. On our blog, you’ll find the most up-to-date medical news to help you better understand your body and this way of eating in general.

Are you excited?

Are you as ecstatic as we are?
The goal of the TKC blog is to make your ketogenic lifestyle more manageable, sustainable, and adventurous. You’ll learn new things about the keto way of eating that you didn’t know before, and you’ll be able to incorporate it into your daily routine with ease. You won’t be able to avoid it any longer because everything you’ll need will be included.

One more thing: we have a fantastic community that will hold your hand and encourages you along the way.