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Created in May of 2017

Ian and Betsy Prather wanted to create a group to share Keto recipes with friends and family. Many of the groups we looked at were for people that were more advanced in the ketogenic lifestyle. New people were not treated well and were expected to just go figure it out.

The creation of a group for the person new to keto became the goal. A safe place to get answers to questions without being treated rudely or belittled. Let’s face it, there is a lot to learn when we totally transform our way of eating, our weight, and our health. We shouldn’t be treated poorly just for wanting to learn.

This is not a cookie-cutter lifestyle, but we do have common basic concepts we have discovered through experience that everyone can benefit from.

Our main challenge was learning about the technology we needed to serve an extremely fast-growing group. Each of our individual members is a person that MATTERS in this world.

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On Super Bowl Sunday of 2018, we had 315 friends and family who had joined Texasketocouple. We shared recipes, pictures of the foods, and answered questions about how to get started for the newest members.

Stepping out of our comfort zone, with some encouragement from good friends, we decided to make a video showing people how to make a ketogenic pizza.

That video has now been viewed around 80 THOUSAND times. We mentioned our group and people asked to join, shared the group with their friends and family, and the group launched to the moon!

We have taught ourselves many things new to us, utilizing technology, to serve a large growing group of people who are all seeking better health and wellness.

We do our very best to respond to questions and the best way to get them answered is to join our facebook group, make a post to introduce yourself, and ask!

There is tons of information available through the search feature inside the group, and you can also send us a message. We look forward to seeing you in the group.

Community And Consistency Equal Keto Success

Keto diet coaching is the best way to ensure that you get everything that you need to succeed in living a healthier lifestyle through Keto in Houston and Dickinson TX. Ian and Betsy Prather are both experienced Keto coaches that are dedicated to bringing community and consistency to anyone who is looking for a way to achieve success with the Keto diet plan.

Coming Together as A Community

Ian was battling morbid obesity and Betsy suffered from a terrible illness. At the time, they did not have access to Ketogenic coaching as they began their journey toward a healthier way of life. As they struggled to find answers to the questions they had, they became determined to help others by providing a place where they could obtain access to everything they needed to transform their way of eating, their weight, and their overall health.

For this reason, they created Texas Keto Couple to ensure that everyone interested has access to a certified Keto diet coach. They have built a community where you can not only learn from an online Keto coach but also connect with others who are on the same journey toward healthy living.

The Key to Consistency

In order to be successful with Keto, you need to be consistent. The best way to do that is with guidance from Keto coaches online through affordable packages. We have Keto coaching packages to meet the needs of every budget. You will have access to meal plans, training videos, and more. You will also have access to Keto coaches who will provide answers to your questions.